want to put the personal
into your style?

Do you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time?
Always save your favourite clothes for "best"?
Seem to be generally stuck in a style rut?

It's time to dress like the true you.


Hi! I'm Natalie. A personal stylist with a difference. I've been told I'm more like a 'clothes counsellor'.

With 15+ years’ experience working in the fashion industry as a buyer, stylist and digital editor, I’ve got the know-how to uncover your authentic style.

No more fashion FOMO. Or copying what you see on Instagram, just because. Remember as a kid you’d wear whatever you wanted, regardless of what others thought? THAT.

We’ll use the psychology of clothing and the power of colour to lift your look AND your mood. Creating your unique fashion formula, we’ll build some solid ‘go-to’ outfits together. Let’s make make fashion fun again.

Let’s rediscover your personal style.

"One time I saw Cady Heron wearing
army pants and flip-flops.
So I wore army pants and flip flops."

If Bethany Byrd from Mean Girls taught us anything, it's that blindly following the crowd is never a good idea.
So here are some of the methods I'll use to reveal your unique, authentic style:

Fashion therapy

A deep dive into your true feels about clothes.

Outfit building

You don't need new clothes. Just new outfit ideas. Let's go shopping in your wardrobe.

Colour coaching

Discover which hue REALLY suits you for an IRL glow-up.

Image profiling

Your own personal style plan, in printable format.

Crystal energy

Using the healing power of crystals, we'll realign your chakras and boost your mood.

IRL shopping

But before we go anywhere or buy anything, we'll spend some time working out your Want List.
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