Meghan Markle wore one of my absolute favourite colour combinations yesterday: bright red and purple. BOOM.

I have a feeling that 2019 is the year we all embrace bold, optimistic shades and HRH is leading the way.

Many have commented on the connection to Princess Di, who was also pictured wearing the same two hues on several occasions. But I think, if anything, Meghan was giving a nod to the colours found in the logo of Tomorrow’s Women Wirral – the charity that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were visiting.

Red is actually a very emotionally intense shade. As the colour of fire and blood, it’s also associated with power, passion, love and danger. Red stimulates our heart rate and so is very energising.

In terms of chakras, red is connected with our root chakra, Muladhara. So it may be that Meghan wanted to feel confident and in control, and to tap into that grounding energy.

At the opposite end of the chakra scale, we have purple, representing the crown chakra – pretty appropriate for a royal outing, right? It’s about wisdom and being one with the world – the perfect balance of red mixed with blue.

Whatever her intention, here’s hoping for more unexpected colour palettes from the Duchess in 2019.

Purple dress by Aritzia Babaton

Cherry-red coat by Sentaler

Stuart Weitzman ‘Leigh’ heels

Gabriela Hearst ‘Nina’ bag

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